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Building Subcode Official Atlantic City

Building Subcode Official Under the direction of the Construction Official, the Building Subcode Official has the subordinate administrative responsibility for administering the building subcode of the State Uniform Construction Code and inspects and/or supervises the inspection of buildings in construction projects underway to ensure that compliance with plans and specifications approved …

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:Code Inspector

Date of Posting:January 25, 2019 Date of Application Closure:February 1, 2019 Position Title:Code Inspector Type of Position:Non Contractual Position Salary Range:$46,980.00-$57,211.00 Description:Responsible for administering and enforcing Township municipal codes (Zoning and Property Maintenance)and The Uniform Construction Code of New Jersey throughout the Township.  Interact with all other departments. Must be …

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PLUMBING INSPECTOR – FULL-TIME – Hillsborough Township, Somerset County –

PLUMBING INSPECTOR – FULL-TIME – Hillsborough Township, Somerset County – The Township of Hillsborough is seeking a qualified candidate to fill an open position. The full-time Plumbing Inspector will be responsible for daily field inspections, as assigned by, and under the direct supervision of, the full-time Plumbing Subcode Official. This …

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The City of New Brunswick is seeking a Building Sub-Code Official, Construction Official, Fire Protection, Electrical Sub-Code

The City of New Brunswick is seeking a Building Sub-Code Official.  Responsibilities include review and approval of proposed structural plans in compliance with the New Jersey Uniform Construction Code (UCC).  Additional responsibilities include inspections to ensure building sub-code standards are observed.  Candidate must hold a valid Building Sub-Code license with …

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Calendar Raffle Winners

1/1/19 Michael Dempsey # 1317  $100 1/2/19 Joe Dolak #1243  $100 1/3/19 Rachael Beckner #1947  $50 1/4/19 Donna Moorby #1081 $75 1/7/19 TL LaCosta #1129 $100 1/8/19 Shelagh Donovan #1203 $75 1/9/19 Greg Velardi #1986 $75 1/10/19 Nick Rotonda #1393 $75 1/11/19 Mike Cardinale #1042 $150 1/14/19 Chris Diacik #1269 …

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Part-time Plumbing Sub-Code Official Denville

POSITION OPENING   Part-time Plumbing Sub-Code Official The Township of Denville is currently seeking a qualified individual to serve as part-time Plumbing Sub-Code Official in the Construction Department.  This position shall be part-time, Monday to Friday, for an estimated 20 – 25 hours per week. Salary:    Depending upon experience/qualifications. General …

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