Letter to Potential Candidates for the Board of Directors

June 17, 2020

Dear Potential Candidates,

This year we have seen things that none of us has ever seen or been part of in our fine 90 plus years of history in the Code Community. New Jersey Building Officials Association (NJBOA) has a proud 90 plus years’ history. It appears, and I stress appears, that at least for now we will be operating our fine organization from a different standard and plateau. All of our positions will require a strong presence to NJBOA. Historically over the past years, our membership has fallen. Moving forward in light of the issues of 2020, and maybe into the future, a firm commitment will have to be made by members of the leadership of NJBOA.

From the prospective of the Nomination Committee, and the future of our Organization, we need strong leadership on all levels from the top on down. We cannot be complacent; we need solid direction to move us forward. We need a firm commitment and ideas to do this. We need to bring in younger members and leaders that are part of NJBOA, and provide those members the opportunity to step up and lead. It is as simple as that! No sugar coating any words. There are no longer figurative positions. These positions are only for hard working dedicated members. Either step up or step out! The decision is yours; either you can or you can’t! If you chose to move forward and continue you will be viewed differently in your leadership positions. Do not take them lightly. We need to move forward. We cannot even (ever?) look back over our shoulder at the past as those days as we knew them are gone. We need you to Step Up and Step Forward.. It’s your choice, either you can do the job or you can’t!

Bob LaCosta
Nomination Chairman